Sunday, October 2, 2016

Apple time

Yesterday afternoon, we took the boys to Quinn Farm (a local apple picking place) so that we could pick up a stock of fresh muffins, apple juice, jam and- of course- apples. Sandwiched in between homework and a morning hangout with neighbourhood boys, we didn't have the time to actually pick them ourselves but bought the apples in the farm's shop.... cheaters... I know ;)
Before we left home, the boys were complaining about having to leave their beloved video games but, once we got there, they had a great time. There are lots of animals, slides, hay stacks to climb on and millions of kids. It was a good way to spend a few afternoon hours...
The apples are awesome and breakfast today will include some apple butter that we picked up. Now, it even tastes like autumn ;)

Happy Sunday to all xox


  1. Wow the seem rely to enjoy them selfs :) It sounds lige a vey nice trip for you all. Meby you should consider to bekom farmere - just parttime lol :)

    1. Andreas' dream is to be a farmer so you are not far off ;) xox