Thursday, October 6, 2016

Picky eating

It has not always been this way. I would say that, up until about the age of 2, Oliver was a pretty good eater. At least, he was no worse than the other 2. My boys have always had some strange eating habits (Alexander hated bananas- until one day he loved them- and has a terrible "fat on meat" phobia. Nicka had... um... no- he always ate everything) but- after the age of 2, Oliver takes the cake (figuratively).... except that he usually won't eat it (literally) ;)

It makes me and my European roots absolutely crazy! He will arbitrarily not eat stuff that he enjoyed the week before. Oliver won't eat cake, ice cream, anything fruit (except for sometimes clementines, watermelon and green apples), any vegetable (except for cucumbers), any meat (except for hotdogs- which, in my opinion, is not meat.. and salami... go figure) and only ordered pizza. He can live on Goldfish crackers and bubble water (yes, he loves carbonated water.. and that is about it). If I am lucky, he will eat cereal... but then hate it the week after. He also loves chips... the super spicy jalapeno kind from Miss Vickie's... the whole bag... by himself if he could... seriously! Is this a food group? I am desperate ;)

Sometimes, he surprises me by actually eating.. and then asking for seconds... and even thirds. I have to hide my surprise at the time because I don't want to draw attention to it. He will also surprise me by suddenly liking Korean BBQ beef on rice or General Tao chicken. It might be a brief and fleeting moment but I will take it!!! He has also been known to eat almost a whole large pizza by himself :P

Dearest Oliver, please stop stressing your mother out and eat some proper food! In the mean time, I promise to zen at dinner time and put all food in take out pizza boxes ;)

xox to you all! If you have any tricks or advice, please pass on the wisdom!

See- he does sometimes eat ;)


  1. I know it and the tips are worth gold.
    If I could do it over again, I'd put every day varied food on the table. You do not eat, you do not eat, no exceptions and no adjustments. Sounds strict ;-)

    1. I agree with you! I have learned to offer at least one thing that I know he likes and, for the rest, you eat what is there. The frustrating part is that he will suddenly (and stubbornly) not like something that he enjoyed before. It makes me nuts ;)

  2. Kræsenhed valgte vi at ignorere, hvis der blev sorteret fra så var det sådan, i dag er de alle 4 alsidig spisende, der er noget der fravælger hver især, men det er småting.