Monday, October 10, 2016

From the bad comes the good ;)

Usually, the boys do their homework around the kitchen table. It starts off well enough- I can sit and give both Alexander and Nicklas my attention while they simultaneously work. Problem is that, after about 20 minutes, they spend more time bickering than actually getting anything done! I feel more like a ref or a moderator for the US presidential debates ;)
Today, after becoming totally FED UP with the arguing between the boys, I pushed the unsuspecting Andreas into the car and off to Ikea we went (he also got to buy a bag of godis/candies so he was happy to go).
End result of the morning "homework" session was a new desk for Nicklas (and eventually Oliver) in their room! I had Alexander clean up his desk downstairs and- voila- his own homework space! I am happy to walk between the 2 rooms and answer to calls for "MAMMA!" but peace has returned to the kitchen table... and a quiet cup of coffee for me ;)

Happy week to you all xox

The new desk in Nicklas' and Oliver's room!


  1. Mine tanker går tilbage til dengang mine børn boede hjemme, 3 piger 1 dreng, ældstepigen 38 år, midtpigen 35 år, sønnike 31 år og yngstepigen 28 år. Der er 9½ år mellem yngste og ældste.
    Det var mest tøsefnider, men det kan også være voldsomt, desværre mindes jeg også drillerierne mellem sønnike og yngstepigen, trods de havde hvert deres værelse, og hvordan det gav uro.
    Krydser fingre for du/I finder ro omkring lektielæsning etc.

    1. Tusind tak! I appreciate the thoughts :) Ha' en god dag!

  2. Good job Celena, family life is also evolving ;-)

    1. Thank you! I am keeping my fingers crossed ;) xox