Monday, October 17, 2016

The mystery of the missing middle child

I have a middle son. Sometimes, on this blog, it is not so obvious... but he does exist... and I love him very much... yes, just as much as the other there! Lately, Nicklas is not appearing on this blog as much as he used to and I feel a bit guilty. The thing is that, recently, he just doesn't want me to take his picture... much less post it on the blog. You know what? I feel bad for not having including him as much as the other two but I totally respect his wishes. Nicka- you are temporarily off the hook ;)
When I post pictures of the boys (and I include Andreas in this), I always get their OK- or, at least, a grunt- on what I include. When no one wants their pictures taken, you- the lovely people who actually read my gibberish- get stuck with Montreal... or leaves... or food... or a bad selfie... or coffee.... or a wine glass (full, I hope) or the pets (and sometimes they say no too) ;) One of the main reasons why I started this blog (and there are a few others which I will save for another day) is a type of day-to-day chronicling of our family life.. something to share with them for now... and for later. It is kind of like a diary of us... right now... as we are and, if they are not a willing part of it, I am sensitive to that. OK... I like to harass my kids... but even I have a fine line ;)
Nicka, in the mean time, assures me that- one day- he would like me to take his picture again... and I will be happy to do it :)

Happy Monday evening to you all xox

This old picture is ok.... he said yes ;)

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