Sunday, September 4, 2016

Life ambition for the next generation

Yesterday, Alexander's soccer team lost the last game of the season. I knew that he was disappointed... he really wanted to win the game and the championship. So, after saying goodbye to the boys on the team, I was a bit surprised to see Alexander, excited and jumping around. Nicklas ran up to me and begged me for my phone. After assuring me that he wanted it for a picture and not to play more Pokemon-Go, I gave it to him. He ran off with Alexander (which is a bit suspicious in my books... the boys running off together... and not from each other).

About 10 minutes later, they both ran back. Nicklas exclaimed "Mamma, I just lived my dream". Curious, I asked what the heck just happened. Alexander excitedly responded "We just met Bajan Canadian (click on his name to find out who he is. I had to look it up too)! This is the coolest thing... EVER". They ran back to their soccer friends and basically swarmed this guy that they met at the soccer field.... some guy who was just there to watch his brother play... before it became the Bajan Candian festival ;)

OK... excited about meeting a celebrity is nothing new. The funny thing about this encounter is that Bajan Canadian is a Youtuber... and all these boys knew EXACTLY who he was.... and all the parents had NO idea. I kept thinking that they were just taking picture of some random guy who either was too kind to say no to the pictures or just going along with the gag of having a soccer team of boys (and siblings) who wanted to take photos with him.

Anyway, when I got home, I researched (yes, I do this for a living and it creeps into my non-work life as well) this guy and, lo and behold, it could well be him! Funny, how these kids could notice some Youtuber on a random soccer field, in a random city, in Canada (not exactly known for its Youtube culture). Geez, I could have Ryan Gosling walking in front of me and I would not notice (disclosure: yes, I would notice the man because- heck- he IS good looking but not because he is Ryan Gosling. PS: He IS Canadian too... just sayin'. PPS: He is, though, not as good looking as my husband who, by the way. reads my blog on occasion ;) ). Funny how the definition of fame has changed with these kids. Now, the boys are all trying to figure out how to get 5 million subscribers on Youtube... and I just feel like the totally non-cool mother ;)

Happy weekend to you all! xox

The boys and the Bajan Canadian ;)