Thursday, September 8, 2016

In the air....

Autumn is definitely in the air. Even though it has still been very warm lately, the air feels different. The sun looks different. The light looks different. The trees are even starting to change colour!

Actually, in a way, I don't mind. Autumn is my favourite season. I love the crisp morning air. I love wearing cosy sweaters. I love the cool evenings. I love the smell of autumn leaves.

I would love autumn much more, if it wasn't followed by winter ;) Now THAT is a whole other story ;)

Tomorrow is Friday.... :)

G'night xox

Eek... leaves turning yellow alert!!;)


  1. Autumn is also ok for me, or rather the late summer ;-) Have a good Friday, X

  2. Its more or les the same here and we love that we have been blest with a rely nice "latesummer", but I can smell the autumn :)