Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday morning

I honestly have no idea what happened! It was Sunday... and then, suddenly, it was Saturday morning. Actually, it was Friday night but I was so exhausted that any sort of resemblance to a blog post had to wait until this morning ;) It was not that the week was any more chaotic than usual but it was just busy.... always busy.... The high school homework situation definitely contributes to that, however, I am proud of Alexander for doing his best to keep a control of what needs to be done and for when. He also made his high school's soccer team so he is also juggling the practices and games. The younger boys are now in the groove of what they need to do on a weekly basis... whew! Finding the routine is one of the biggest challenges for me/us. September, as much as I love it, is always a challenge. Sometimes, even more than the Christmas season ;)
This weekend Andreas is away for work so, to make up for it, I promised the boys that we would go to a restaurant for dinner. In hindsight, this might have been a big crazy on my part ;) I blame it on the chaos of the week ;) I will be picking some super friendly family restaurant... that serves wine ;)
Today's goal is to start tacking homework projects before they become the-night-before-due-date-nightmares. Another goal is to enjoy a day where there are no running-to activities. Wish me luck!

Happy Saturday xox