Sunday, September 25, 2016

Spanish homework

I am sitting at the kitchen table with Alexander, helping him with his Spanish homework (helping = keeping him at the table and actually looking at what he needs to study. Whether it enters his thought process is another issue ;) ). Today,  I have learned (re-learned) which countries are in Central and South America, which countries are considered to be Spanish speaking, what the oceans of the world are called in Spanish and the names of capital cities for Spanish speaking/Central and South American countries are (Tegucigalpa is the BEST name). Alexander's favourite part of his Spanish class is finding out that Dabbing is called El Dabbo. Ugh!

Heck, after today, I am pretty sure that I could get a good mark on this test! Hope Alexander does too :P

PS: I NEVER took Spanish... ever! How did I become qualified to answer questions? Guess it is a mother thing ;) I do MUCH better with grade 4 science and grade 1 reading ;)

How the homework started....

How the homework ended :P

In honour of El Dabbo


  1. A nice moment
    It is the thing I have also found out it was possible to help despite there never had profession.
    However, I stood by with written English very early :-)

  2. Ha ha, that is dewffentlyf a mother thing :)