Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nicka and his book project

I have probably written about this before but Nicka shares many of my OCD tendencies ;) and while I get frustrated when he is especially particular about something, I know that I do exactly the same thing... see, Andreas, I DO recognize it ;) School projects are one situation where it brings out the "best" in both of us. Actually, school projects are no more frustrating with Nicka than any of the other boys (they are all frustrating) but we become picky about the same exact details... but in very different ways ;) A big "mother challenge" for me is to offer help but not take over. Boy, I am trying hard on this one! Nicka did a good job on his project (maybe I am bias?) and, if his teacher ever reads this, the very little plasticine under my fingernails is proof! ;)

xox to you all!