Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Grad outfit

Alexander is not a dress-up kind of guy. He is most happy in sport or sweat pants, a t-shirt and his usual crappy running shoes (even if I just bought them 10 minutes ago, they will already be crappy). Shopping for grad clothes, I thought, would be the MOST PAINFUL EXPERIENCE EVER. I even booked 2 sessions this week, just in case it was so painful that we had to use another day. I had the scenario in my head: he would HATE everything; he would complain about everything; he would hate my choices; he would have no choices of his own. Repeat vicious circle ;)
So, yesterday, after his school track and field day (another terrible confounding factor... he would be tired... ugh!), I took him to the mall. Very calmly, I told him that I would take him to what *I* had in mind for him... JUST as a starting point. You know, to give him some ideas, because he had told me that he had no idea what he wanted. We went to a department store that had some nice stuff... kind of sporty, versatile clothes that could be worn for different occasions (and, hopefully, for more than 10 minutes before he grew out of them). Honestly, I thought that he would hate it, just because I had suggested it. Funny thing was that he actually really liked it. Within 10 minutes, HE chose his own pants, shirt and belt. I helped him find a tie, which he absolutely agreed with. Bang! We were out of there.... He got an ice cream cone and I regained some sanity ;)
Next came his shoes... again, no issue. First time "Hey, Alexander, what about these?" was received with a "Yeah, I like them". Seriously. We were at the mall for 1 hour and 10 minutes. DONE!
He was really excited about his grad outfit! So excited that he tried it on to show his father and brothers! So handsome that I had to share ;) Please ignore the tags on the last photo as it was just Alexander showing Andreas but I had to take a picture. He looked so darn grown up and happy. I was so proud! We love you, (not so) baby boy!

We survived the shopping experience!

We even bought something.... besides ice cream ;)

My grown up boy! I wish there was a weepy mother icon ;)


  1. He had clearly turned the right button. Good for him and good for you.
    Looking good!

    1. Thanks, Ageeth! Whew! So glad that the end result was so positive.... I have enough grey hair ;) xox

  2. My son of 30 has not reached the goal yet, he has not had a shirt since he was 1½ years, and thus tie. For Otto's christening succeeded, for the first time, but still baggy pants, sneakers and no tie :-)
    My youngest daughter is also struggling with the boyfriend who turns 40 in January 2017.
    So understand you are proud

    1. Haha! Mange tak skal du have!
      I now have to work on my other 2 boys ;) No more sweatpants for social events! ;)

  3. Wup wup he looks grate and were adult-like :-) The scenario you describe is exactly what I surprising experienced with my youngest - it wasn't a nightmare at all :-D