Thursday, June 9, 2016

Quiet time

I love my family. I love the chaos. I love the action. I love the day to day craziness. I love my boy-filled life.

I also love quiet time ;)

I played soccer tonight so, when I got home, all the boys were asleep already and Andreas was on his way to bed. I am now sitting on the couch... legs up... taking up ALL the room... having a glass of wine... watching the news, uninterrupted (except for this blog post, that is).... ahhhhh....

Yes, I should go to bed... but, you know, this quiet time is just so luxurious. Mothers, you know exactly what I am talking about ;)

Wishing you all a good night xox

Ahhhhhh :)


  1. Glad to se you are enjoying life :-D Have a wonderful weekend xx

  2. Lovely you care about your daily life and what it contains.
    Wish you and yours a wonderful Sunday.