Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Montreal version of Sweden's National Day

On Monday (June 6), it was Sweden's National Day. I am sure that all Swedes take the day off and reflect on how great their country is. Similar to what we do on Canada Day (July 1), everyone gets together and sings our anthem.... over and over.... with hand on heart ;)  Actually, while we were living in Scandinavia, I was fortunate enough to participate in very solemn National Day activities such as sleeping in, putting various meats on the BBQ, having beer in the afternoon and hanging out with friends. I almost forgot.... to successfully celebrate the National Day, you also have to eat cake... lots of it. So, on Monday, to celebrate the Swedish contingency of our family, we ate cake.... lots of it. Also, because we are very dedicated to the celebration, we also put out the Swedish flag. As any good Swedish boy in Montreal, Nicka made up for the distance by his very happy celebration, as you can see ;)

Lycklig (och sent) nationaldagen!

The best way to celebrate ;)

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