Monday, June 27, 2016

Since my last post...

I think that I started a new blog post about 20 times over the past few days. A lot has happened but the time to sit down to write about it never materialized ;)

So, since my last post, what has been happening?

- We got our first floor back. The floors look fantastic (at least to us) and it was totally worth camping in the back yard ;)

- We celebrated the last day of school for the boys..... with ice cream ;)

- I turned 46 years old on Saturday. The concept of aging (or reverse aging) will be another blog post altogether. The older I get, the better I feel :)

- We went to a St. Jean celebration. This is a Quebec verion of Sankt Hans/Midsommer/Victoria Day... Andreas kept insisting that it was he planned it... for my birthday. Haha! Good try ;)

- For my birthday, the boys gave me a gift card to a local spa and a great t-shirt (I heart Swedish boys... see pic). Awesome gifts! :)

- We are trying to organize our first floor. That meant spending my birthday carrying boxes up stairs... Exciting? No. Full of exercise? Definitely ;)

- We had about a million soccer games over the weekend (please don't take that too literally). They were both real games and those on TV ;)

- Andreas and I went to Ikea and spent too much money on things that we didn't realize that we needed until we saw it. Enough said ;)

- Our hot water heater decided to die. Thankfully, it is in our garage so the big water leak basically drained itself. Bonus was that our plumber also installs water heaters... fast .... at a good price :)

- We had to get ready for the last phase of our renovations = the stairs! At least we don't have to camp for that one.

- The boys still have a better weekend social life than we do ;)

- I am sure that I have missed about 100 more things but I am trying to block them out of my memory ;)

Wishing you all a great start to the week xox

The floor in progress

Celebrating the last day of school :)


Happy boys

More floor!

We get our bedroom back :)

St. Jean party

Can you tell that I posed them? ;)

Oliver in action

The old farts ;) Yes, I am older ;)

Yes, I have 4 boys ;)

Heading home.... to carry more boxes back upstairs ;)
My birthday cake.... decorated by Andreas ;)
My new t-shirt <3
The before picture of our stairs...

The leak! :0

Our driveway at 8am.... craziness!
Yes, of course, it has to rain for the stairs guy ;)
The supervisors ;)


  1. I love the floor, ice cream en holiday parts and I definitely adore the candles on your birthday cake ;-)

    1. Thank you :) Andreas is now buried in the backyard after those candles ;) xox

  2. Wop wop, it rely looks good the new floor. :-) And lovely photos :)