Saturday, June 11, 2016


We are very lucky. The boys go to a school that has a great sense of community. You know the one: everyone's parents know everyone else's children. As crappy as it sounds for the kids, it is like a big set of  "eyes out". My son falls off his bike and I know that someone else is there to put a band-aid on and check if he is OK. Boys are at our house and I feel comfortable telling them that they should walk their bike on the busy street on their way home. I can assure parents that homework is actually being done because I am checking on it. I see their mothers on the street and relay messages to their kids when I get home. We wave to each other, roll down the window and catch up. There is a constant stream of friends at our home and my boys are constant guests at their friends' houses. I like the kids and I like their parents. We trade homework tales and share glasses of wine.

Yesterday afternoon, Alexander had his grad from his elementary school. It really got me thinking about how lucky we are. Many of his friends will be going to the same high school as he is but, even if they will be going to another school, I am sure that they will stay in touch. I am glad for it!

Even if I don't say it enough, I am thankful for our community! It takes a village to raise a child and we have a good one :)

Wishing you all a good weekend and sending out a big congrats to all the grads! xox

The gym, decorated for grad. It takes a great group of people to put this together!
Those paparazzi!
The mothers are allowed to get into the spirit too ;)
Setting up
We got them through to high school!
Too much fun!
Reach for the stars!
Some of the buddies
We are lucky! Congrats, my love xox


  1. Great unity. It has my kids only found in the gym it was attached to, unfortunately we did not find it in the schools it was attached or the area we lived in, and yet in the entryway was there.
    Lovely pictures and it is evident how well children belong.

    1. Tak skal du have!
      We are very lucky- the boys in Alexander's grade are very close and have been since kindergarten.

  2. Congratulation with your big (small) boy. Lovely photos of the embarrassing moms :-D

    1. We are pretty good at being embarrassing ;) Tak xox