Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Just saying....

This is my house right now (see pictures). I had to rush the kids to school this morning... in a thunderstorm. Now, I am hoping that the thunderstorm does not come back for our camping excursion in the backyard tonight! On the bright side, Andreas and I went out for breakfast and the whole process IS exciting ;)

Happy day to you all xox

It is kind of like moving... only to downstairs....

I cannot remember the last time that I saw the back of my closet ;)

The boys' room.... defait ;)

Empty closets

Bye-bye, junk drawers ;)

Our basement....


Alexander's room

Taking out the old floor

At the hardware store... yes, I had to go outside :(

Now, add thunder!

Crappy subfloor = extra $$

No more vacuuming carpets :)

Our living room

Our kitchen....

Our entrance way.... welcome ;)

I am sure that this guy thinks that I am really strange..... say cheese ;)


  1. I feel for you - but its gonna be SOOOO god :-D

    1. I really hope so! This experience is a good lesson in getting out of my comfort zone ;) xox

  2. I like the part 'no more vacuuming carpets'!

  3. Me too! With 3 (I mean 4) boys + 2 dogs + cats, there is a lot of carpet mess ;) xox