Monday, May 14, 2018

Small gratitudes

All winter, I have been physically craving sun and warmth. You know, the kind of warm sun that finally thaws your bones and fills your soul. Well, I finally got it. I took a moment to feel the sun on my face and the green grass under my feet. Trust me, I was thankful. The brightly coloured flowers, my favourite polka dot dress and an awesome cup of coffee didn't hurt the good vibes either ;)

Wishing you all some warm sun and things to be thankful about xox


  1. Det er dejligt du har fået sol og varme, så du ikke behøver være misundelig på alle de dejlige sommerbilleder vi her i DK ligger op.
    Jeg er som du meget taknemmelig for de dejlige stunder.

    1. Danish summers are always so beautiful! I was always SO thankful for them. Hope you have many fantastic summer days! xox