Saturday, May 12, 2018


Last night was pretty crappy: I had a headache that just knocked me out. Even though it was better by the morning, I felt wiped. Usually, that would put a pretty big dent in my day but, today, I was actually fine with it. The sun was shining and I had a good excuse not to do anything... or go anywhere...  and, sometimes, we all need a day like that ;) Andreas put out the patio furniture. I helped him do some planting in the garden. The boys played on the trampoline. We had a nice, relaxing day in our backyard and it was a real treat!

This summer, we decided to only do very short trips away from home. Even though we had a great holiday in Scandinavia last summer, I am looking forward to spending time here... at home... enjoying our own space. There are so many outdoor projects that we would like to do and it will be so nice to actually get to them for a change. Is it wrong to want to be lazy? ;) Sign me up!

Hope you all had a great Saturday! xox


  1. Det er tilladt at trække stikket og bare lave ingenting, sådanne stunder er der brug for.