Monday, May 21, 2018

Kid birthday party

No joke- kid birthday parties wipe me out. Even though I spend the party drinking coffee (just coffee... nothing spiked... really), I always feel a bit hung over the next day. Maybe it is all the kid energy? Maybe it comes vicariously through the sugar buzz? Maybe it comes from all the coffee? ;) Despite the wiped out feeling, I am always thankful that they do not happen at our house anymore... up until the age of 2, we are good for home parties. After 2, forget it... and I learned my lesson the hard way ;) Now, I almost throw money at outside party places, shouting with gratitude: Here, have something that feels like a thousand dollars! It is worth every penny not to have this chaos at my house! ;) Well... I don't really say that... but close enough ;)

Yesterday, was Oliver's party.... and today, I feel like I am nursing a kid-party-hangover ;) Guess it was a good party ;)



  1. Dejlig fest Oliver der fik stablet på benene med hjælp fra dig.

    1. :) It was fun... lots of cake and jumping ;) xox