Thursday, May 17, 2018

Slow motion

Needless to say, our boys have a lot of energy... even too much sometimes! There is a good reason why we bought them a trampoline... or rather... why we invested in a trampoline. The investment is primarily in the maintenance of parental sanity... especially when they start bouncing off the walls! Anyway, despite the usual energy, the second I let them know that it is time to get ready for bed, the boys all adopt snail-mode. "Please plug in all electronics upstairs and go brush your teeth" is secret code for "act like a snail and very, very, very slowly drag your butt upstairs and look for every possible excuse to drag out the getting ready for bed process until your mother loses her marbles". I am sure of it because what should, in reality, take about 2 minutes to accomplish ends up resulting in about 30 minutes of me repeating myself and them not doing what I am asking them to do. It is totally exhausting and I end up being the one who would be SO thankful if someone was telling me to go to bed. Bed time? Sure thing! Sign me up ;) Boys, you have NO idea what you are missing!

Happy day to you all xox

Random internet picture that looks remarkably like the boys ;)


  1. En skøn måde at beskrive livet med børn/drengebørn. trods det var 3 piger og 1 dreng, da mine var hjemmeboende og ja, små, husker jeg dagene som du beskriver det. (haha)