Friday, May 4, 2018


Today, I got to work from home... which usually includes me actually getting the chance to see my house in daylight.... and noticing all the dust bunnies.... and pulling out the vacuum cleaner... and about 5 million other cleaning products ;)

After getting some work done (and a good clean), I made a big pot of coffee, filled up 2 travel mugs and met Andreas so that we could see Alexander's rugby game. I said it last year and I will say it again: Rugby is the perfect boy game (I am sure it is good for girls too but I don't really know about them so much if you know what I mean): they run after a ball... they throw a ball... they tackle each other... and today was raining so that added to the fun ;)

I love Friday nights because they are so optimistic. There is always so much hope that I will actually get my long list of things-to-do done over the weekend and there is so much time left to do it in. Sunday is the sad day where I realize that I didn't really succeed and there is no time left ;)

Happy Friday night to you all xox

Friday evening calm 


  1. Det at have en hjemmearbejdsdag giver anledning til nogle overspringshandlinger arbejdsmæssigt, når nu der ligger det støv, og ups. der var lige noget vasketøj etc. At der så lige var en Rugby kamp oveni er jo guld.
    Jeg er ikke lige til Rugby, eller football, jeg er/var Soccermum, svømmemor, og det kunne jeg hitte ud af. Mine forældre fulgte mig med min dans, korsang og spejder.

    1. I don't know much about rugby and American football either... but I guess that I have to learn ;) We have always been a football/soccer family but, suddenly for this summer, things have really changed! Bonus is that I get to watch the games, without the coaching ;) xox