Sunday, May 27, 2018

Excitement for Swedish boys

Last weekend (I know... I am a slacker and totally late in posting this), Andreas, Alexander and Nicklas all went to see the Montreal Impact soccer team play against the LA Galaxy. The biggest reason why they wanted to see the game was that the famous Swedish player Zlatan Ibrahimovic (see here if you have no idea who he is) was playing. Pretty exciting.... Even more exciting was that the boys (including Andreas) got to be a part of the pre-game show and ending up being just meters away from Zlatan (can you become cool through osmosis? 😉) ! Although Zlatan ended up getting red carded, the boys were all pretty impressed and had a good Swedish boy bonding day. Sorry, Impact, usually you get our support but, on this day, it was all about Zlatan 😉


  1. Jeg ved godt hvem Zlatan Ibrahimovic er. Skøn mulighed lige at være så tæt på en svensk fodboldspiller med stjernestatus.

    1. Hej Karin! It was perfect timing that he was playing in Montreal... and that we could actually get tickets! It would have been much more difficult to see him when he was with ManU ;) Have a great week xox

  2. With four soccer fans in the house I understand the excitement!