Friday, April 20, 2018

10 random things that annoy me

Happy Friday! Since it is a week filled with corrections and that I am pretty tired and fed up of winter, I thought it might be fun to share my "10 random things that annoy me" list. Actually, there are quite a few more than 10 things that annoy me but I tried to keep it to the most immediate in my mind ;)  Here it goes:

10 random things that annoy me:

1.The sound of noisy chewers.

2. People try to charge into an elevator before the people that are IN the elevator have the chance to get out.

3. Screaming, yelling YouTubers that play video games and record themselves.

4. The fact that all 3 of my children love to watch the screaming, yelling YouTubers.

5. Snow.

6. Instagram shots that have weather that is WAY too nice (ie: people that get to wear sandals already).

7. The fact that I am super jealous of the people who are wearing sandals already.

8. The calorie listing on chocolate (please, just let me think that there are only 10 calories in a whole chocolate bar).

9. Speaking of chocolate.... Andreas brought me a Marabou chocolate with orange crisp bar from Denmark (it is actually Swedish chocolate but he bought it in Denmark). I hid it, thinking that I will eat it when I really have a chocolate craving... only to find that- when I REALLY wanted it- someone else had found and eaten it already (yes, I know it was Alexander... even though he denies it).

10. When I watch boys at home walk over the same dust bunny on the floor and pretend that they don't see it. I KNOW that they see it....

Stay tuned for the next 10 random things that annoy me... I can go on forever ;)


Random internet/Pinterest image....but, oh, so fitting ;)


  1. Replies
    1. I was really looking forward to that darn chocolate bar! :P

  2. Med hensyn til sandaler, der var 2 dejlige dage her i Danmark. I går var jeg ved at lede efter mine vinterstøvler og vinterfrakke. Jeg frøs så vanvittig, og samtidig var der andre steder i Danmark hvor folk sad med tæer, så jeg på Instagram, så forstår godt din irritation (hihihi)