Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The irony of sleep

When Alexander was a baby, he never slept. Seriously, the game always went like this 1) baby closes his eyes; 2) mother starts to get excited; 3) baby falls asleep; 4) mother looks forward to a bit of relaxing time; 5) smallest noise in the world happens (ie: a butterfly somewhere in the world flaps its wings); 6) baby opens his eyes and is ready to go again... UGH! It not only happened at home but also at his daycare (Danish vuggestuen). It got to the point where vuggestuen would call me at work so that I would come and pick up my seriously crabby and tired baby boy... We ended up buying sleep aid books (that probably worked better on Andreas and me than on Alexander), having sleep specialists come into vuggestuen, creams/lotions/candles/music and tried every other trick that we could think of. His lack of sleep made us worry that he would be kicked out of vuggestuen! Imagine that! Vuggestuen flunkie ;) We also worried that we would lose our sanity (ok... that actually happened but that is not all because of this) ;)

Anyway, flash forward 12 years... if anyone had told me then what I know now, I would never have believed it. Now, Alexander needs to be woken up. He LOVES to sleep. That boy can sleep anywhere, anyhow, any time. Sometimes, I find myself wishing that he would wake up... how ironic!

The vuggestuen would be proud ;)

PS: when Nicka was born, I actually called the doctor to find out why he slept so much. I was told that it was normal ;)

xox to you all!

Not going to sleep ;)

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