Monday, April 10, 2017


Today, we suddenly hit 26 degrees C. Tomorrow will be rainy and cool again but, today, was beautiful... and my defrosting Montreal winter bad mood enjoyed it ;) It seems like the rest of Montreal joined me in a common "ahhhhh"...

My apologies for being a bad blog host... it is a busy time in the semester but, after this week, the correcting will be monumental but the daily grind will be a bit more manageable....

Happy week to you all xox


Ahhhhh...... :)


  1. Wow.. thats looks awesome - here its gone back to more or les winter - could, rain and on Saturday, they are talking about snow.

    1. It has become rainy and cool again here too (I never imagined that we would keep the summer weather) BUT no snow in the forecast! Hang in there! xox

  2. Nice blog you have (:
    Looks and sounds great wtih a sunny 26 degrees C! I hunger for better spring-weather here in DK.

    1. Tusind tak for visiting my blog! I wish you nice Danish weather... and soon too! ;)

  3. Today, the all-day rain and max 6 degrees and the mean wind will be max 7m / s.
    I am as little envious of the lovely temp. you have there. But was not the track envious when you had the second snowstorm.
    Happy Easter,