Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Early morning

Hello all!

Today was a "back to reality" kind of day... and an early back to reality, if I might add ;) The boys are still off and poor Andreas is the one who has to manage getting work done from home today because I had an early meeting... and a late one. It was hard to walk out the door when the sun was just creeping into the sky... and while the boys were still cosy in their beds.. but I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise and a good cup of coffee on my way into work.

Happy Tuesday xox


  1. I love thous squired morning and I just love watching the sun rice. But I do follow you, everybody being home ind there beds, while you had to leave. :-D Have a grate week.

  2. Oh boy, my comments seem to disappear in here, I try again!
    Love your pics, what a beautiful morning! I hate getting up early even though I like the thought of making something of the day. Nevertheless I'm so looking forward to Friday! ❤️

  3. It's tough to get up when the rest of the family can just lie under the bed. And have such a long working day waiting, after a little extra day off, pyha.
    Lovely there was a beautiful sunrise to spice the day with.