Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Post cards from Montreal... the spring edition ;)

Do you remember the 26C that we had the other day? Well, it definitely did not last ;) Happily, it was enough to melt the majority of snow and kick start the green ;) I feel the crappy winter mood slowly lifting..

Here are some post cards from Montreal. I avoided capturing all the garbage on the sidewalks that has now been freed from the melting snowbanks. Montreal, at this time of the year, might not be the prettiest but we all start to come back to life again ;)



  1. Love all your photos from your town. I looks like spring finally have found its way to you gys, even though that its sot summer temperatures, then at least its now only melting snow. :-D Have a grate east end enjoy all the bankhollidayes.

    1. Spring has finally arrived... hope it decides to stay ;) Enjoy your break xox

  2. Thanks - I love your post cards.