Friday, January 20, 2017

Three years of blogging

Today, my blog turns 3 years old. Considering I never kept a diary, I am kind of surprised with myself ;) At the beginning, I thought that I might be able to post every day but- nah- reality got in the way and maybe a couple of times a week is a more reasonable goal ;) It has been a fun time... may there be many more anniversaries :)

Anyway, happy birthday to my blog and a big thanks to all of you who still come by for a visit.

Lots of love xox


  1. Happy Blog Birthday :-) I love reading your blog and would love to do it many many years forward. The 10th of november 2016 my blog turned 10 years and I totally forgot, and didn't remember it before the end of december :-D

    1. Thank you, sweet Catarina! Actually, it was Facebook that reminded me ;) Happy 10 years to you and your lovely blog! You inspire me xox

  2. Et forsinket tillykke med din blog - 3 år, og hvor har du været flittig med indlæg. Så hyggeligt at komme forbi.
    Tjekkede lige hvornår jeg lavede mit første, kan se min blog fylder 12 år den 3 april 2017. Ikke at jeg har været flittig, har nemlig brugt dagbog ved siden af.