Friday, January 6, 2017

Another 10 random facts

1. I love to look at webcam sites. It makes me feel like I am travelling... ok... bare with me ;)

2. I am thinking about taking Swedish lessons because my husband is not very good at letting me practice with him. He just says that I sound Danish and switches back to English ;)

3. A student of mine brought me a box of chocolates yesterday... and there are only a few left in the box now. I didn't share with the boys... but I was nice and let Andreas have some ;)

4. For New Year's, I bought a nice bottle of champagne. I could get used to it ;)

5. I love our pets but am not a fan of fur on carpets and mystery wet spots on the floor ;)

6. I never seem to learn that saying "Be calm!" to our boys usually has the opposite effect!

7. I have a weak spot for soft and stretchy jersey fabrics. Heaven!

8. I love online shopping... more for the package that comes in the mail than the item that I actually ordered ;)

9. Although it is not always evident on this blog, I am a bit uptight about grammar. To make me feel better, I prefer to think that my students misuse their/there/they're in papers just to bug me... but,unfortunately, that is probably not the case ;)

10. I am pretty excited about 2017. I like fresh starts and feeling like something new is happening.

Here are some random photos to go with my random facts:

Alexander and Nicka around the time that Oliver was born

A picture from Copenhagen

Alexander and his wacky hair ;)

On the highway... yes, I was in traffic... but not moving...

Oliver on a mission

Oh! I miss the peonies in our garden!

Oliver with his kindergarten buddies

On a ferry ride back from Oka

The Swedish coast

Our Christmas card photo from last year (I think)