Saturday, January 7, 2017

5 steps

I have been dared by my friend and fellow blogger (Caribou Beach) to post 5 steps to know the real me... so, because I don't like to let dares go by, here it is:

1) I don't like games or high maintenance people. Just hang with me... and keep it simple.

2) I appreciate a person with a good sense of humour... the more sarcastic, the better ;)

3) You are allowed to be silent when we are together.

4) I appreciate honesty, even if- at the moment- I don't like what you are saying. I will get over it.

5) You don't need to try to outdo me. I am already your biggest fan...

PS: If you like wine and/or coffee, we will get along fine. Playing soccer helps too ;)

A flower from Oliver :)