Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My last day of holidays

Tomorrow, I am back to work. The boys have a few more days off. I am jealous ;) Actually, I am feeling a mixture of sadness and excitement: sad that the holidays are over because I have really enjoyed my time at home with the boys. I also feel excited to start a new year, a new semester, new courses and new adventures. A bit of a mix....

Wishing you all a great evening... I will be appreciating mine xox


  1. I also like the days when I go off to work and everyone stays in our warm home. Have a good day, X

  2. I think you had a little longer vacation then I - I'm jeoules but now its weekend sooo..... Have a nice one. :-D

  3. I'm also jealous. I had only holiday, Monday 26/12 and a major holiday on 30/12, in addition to my mandatory day off on Wednesday