Thursday, January 26, 2017

In a house full of boys...

Given the title of my blog, it is quite obvious that I am outnumbered by boys. Actually, I am very outnumbered by boys as I am the only woman in the house.... except for our dogs and one of our cats... but I am not considering the non humans that live with us in my analysis ;) Most of the time, I enjoy the simple relationship that you can have with a boy (you get angry, you freak out, it is over, you are friends again) but, sometimes, there are clear differences in the woman/man dynamics... at least in OUR house. The following observations are based on my own experiences and might not reflect a normal household ;)

1) The boys love living in a high energy environment. The crazier, the better. If it is peaceful, then something is wrong... and the peaceful co-habitant must be bothered... until things are no longer peaceful. Andreas is a master at this ;) The boys are following suit ;)

2) Love = punches. Kisses are OK but only with the woman in the house. Punches work best for all other males in the house.

3) Dogs are the most fun when they are barking.... and jumping.... and barking more.... If the dog is sleeping, pretend that you have food and get their attention. Then go back to the barking part....

4) Clothes are boring and do not deserve closet space. Camping equipment, on the other hand, is always necessary.

5) Candy is a food group... especially if it has the word "corn" in the name.

6) Dishes that are put in the sink miraculously disappear. If they are left on the table, they disappear even faster. How efficient! :P

7) The definition of a dirty house is very different between men and women.

8) If your mother loses her marbles, it is almost fun to watch and is an appropriate form of family entertainment.

9) If, in the morning, your mother says to get dressed, it is an optional request. The same applies to turning off all screen devices.

10) If the only busy person in the room is the woman, you must always ask her for food/water/help with homework/help with finding lost object, even if the father is just sitting on the couch, playing on his phone.

Happy Thursday ;) xox

My boys!


  1. 6, 7 and 8: That happens in our household all the time! What a fantastic list! I might copy that one some day! ❤️

    1. It seems to be a theme in families with boys ;) You are very welcome! Have a good weekend xox

  2. As a mother of 4, 3 of which are girls chose the son and father to conspire.
    Enjoying alone time now - remember it comes at a time

    1. You must have had one BUSY house ;) Your alone time is well deserved ;)

  3. Interesting observations...
    I do think number 10 goes fir all kids nit just boys.