Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The snow fort

Every Canadian kid loves a good snow fort. The bigger, the better! The best forts are ones that go on and on forever. They have to be strategic so that bigger kids cannot break it or smaller kids cannot invade it. Good snow forts have the perfect snow to ice ratio. It also helps to have pretend sofas and refrigerators in it ;) A steady supply of snow food is good too. If you have a snow fort, you have to spend all recess, lunch time and after school hours to make it perfect. Actually, it is in a constant state of fixing and improving. It is always renovation time when it melts or gets buried by a snow or ice storm. Another rule is that you have to always protect your snow fort. Also, if you don't contribute to the building of a snow fort, you are not allowed in it unless you have special permission. The best thing about a good snow fort is, when the owners are not around, you can explore- even if you are not a part of it. This afternoon, while we were waiting for Nicka to come outside, Oliver got to sit in his brother's snow fort. How cool! Then he showed me his.... ice carving station and all ;)


Oliver hanging out in Nicka's snow fort.... He looks blurry because he wouldn't stay still for the photo!

It is always cool to hang out in someone else's snow fort!

Oliver at his ice carving station ;)


  1. I can feel here that I live in the wrong place.
    Denmark's climate does not quite fit me. I could choose, I lived somewhere where there was only winter in December, January, and February. the rest of the year was summer when March was spring and November, a mix of autumn and winter. and other months. so was the summer of sun and heat, only rain at night (in the dark).
    I got these thoughts due to the lovely pictures and your wonderful report, in combination with the weather we have here currently. rain 6 plus degrees, average wind speed of 13 m / s with the cast winds up to 21 m / s. practice, and it began in the night, and will continue until mid afternoon on Thursday.

    1. It is funny but we actually have your weather today ;)
      I wouldn't mind the winter so much if it was December, January and February. Here, it just keeps going into March and April :( It feels like it never ends! My Swedish mother in law tells me about the flowers that are growing and I look outside to tons of snow.... I get very jealous ;)

  2. You you really have lots of snow. I would love to hang out with your boys in the snow and have a rely bad ash snowball match :-D

    1. You are always very welcome ;) The boys would love it!