Sunday, January 20, 2019

Winter storm

Today, most of us woke up to the "storm that we have been warned about for the past week". Usually, when we have snow, the temperatures are warmer. Not today. Today, we are sitting at -18C and, with the wind, it feels much colder. Our airport is closed... we are receiving warnings to stay off the roads... the radio is broadcasting activity and church service cancellations. Good thing we don't have to go anywhere ;)

Happy Sunday! Stay warm... and cosy ;) xox

When I woke up this morning....

Andreas heading to karate class... luckily just down the street from us!

Even the snowman doesn't look happy ;)

Snow day!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I am just happy it is a Sunday and not a work day! xox

  2. Kulden er ikke rar. Ville dog gerne have lidt af jeres sne, så Otto og Frida kunne få lov til at kælke, lave snemænd der er større end den 8 cm snemand det blev til, ja, 8 cm. vi kunne ikke finde en gulerod der var lille nok :-)

  3. Wooo that is not nice 😞
    Cant You activate that I can comment with WordPress - I have to look and pic photos from 7 different (3x3) photos - its takes SO long.

    1. If it is possible to activate the comment option with wordpress, then I would like to join this cart. I have chosen to open a google account to avoid these spam features with pictures etc.