Friday, January 18, 2019


Today is Nicka's 12th birthday!

It is funny with the second child... as surprising as some of the eldest child's milestones are, you expect them to happen... they are always the chapter coming up in the parenting books. They are your first venture, as parents, into the unknown. With the second child, you know what is coming up so it is a smoother venture from milestone to milestone, with some even being glided over. This year, however, is starting to really hit me. Nicka will be going to high school in the fall and is starting to transform into a teenager... This birthday, for me, is one that I am really noticing...

Happy birthday to our sweet, lovely, funny and smart 12 year old! We hope that this year will be filled with wonderful new adventures for you! xox

Happy Friday to you all!

4 months old

Age 3

PS: this one is of Nicka kidding around ;)

Happy birthday xox


  1. Hjertelig tillykke til og med den store dreng, den unge mand. Sidste år inden han bliver Teen. Et år der ændre meget, det ved du/I allerede, og dog, nu er det nummer 2, der vil komme noget nyt du ikke bemærkede første gang.
    Ønsker dig og din familie en dejlig weekend.