Sunday, February 4, 2018

Snow, snow, snow...

Usually, Andreas takes care of the snow removal. That was a deal because he had an ongoing battle with the snow removal guy for years... years of Andreas hiding behind the blinds, checking when the tractor arrived (or didn't)... years of Andreas not satisfied with the service (in defence of Andreas, the service was pretty sucky)... years of Andreas grumbling about how he could do a better job. Anyway, a few years back, Andreas bought a snow blower and decided to do the job himself.... at least, when he is home... and, at this moment in time, he is not... and it snowed... a lot... ;)

To keep a long story short, there was a point today where I found myself begging the snow blower to start again and get out of the road. Yes, I had an aloud conversation with the machine... Finally, after digging it out of the snow (I am guessing that is not supposed to happen), Alexander and I managed to get it going again and promptly retired it back into the garage. We found 2 shovels and started the task ourselves. I think, at some point, I had offered him an amount of money that equalled one of our mortgage payments but, being the nice kid that he is, we decided that Pappa would pay him $20 when he gets home. Fair deal so I agreed ;) Plus, the "something nice" that Andreas owes me for his 2 week "vacation" has now gone up to a "something very nice" category. Oh yeah, I also ended up with an unintended workout ;) Bonus!

During my shovelling adventures, the snow removal guy passed by in this tractor and I could swear that he was laughing at me! Yups... something "very nice" ;)

Wishing you all a good day xox

Please note the yellow snow blower back in the garage again ;)

Yes- $20!!!

At least the shovel doesn't stall in the road!!

Done! Unfortunately, it will probably last about 2 hours before I have to do it again ;)

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  1. Det gør det også lige nu udenfor mit vindue. Bare ikke i de mængder, men vi har fået mere sne end de seneste 2 - 3 vintre til sammen.