Monday, February 12, 2018

Small gratitudes... the post sickness/post sabbatical trip version ;)

Andreas is back from Denmark. He brought me lakrids (licorice) chocolate and my favourite interior design magazine. The boys feel better and they all went back to school. I went to work and didn't have to worry about having someone take over my class, rush out early or try to co-ordinate the boys' homework by text message :) I don't have to take the dogs out at 5:15 am to pee (Andreas' job!). On Thursday, it is supposed to go up to 5 degrees C. Sunset today was at almost 6 pm. Canada is in 4th place in the medal count at the Winter Olympics. It is 4 days until payday. March break is coming up soon.

Just the small gratitudes... <3

Happy week to you all xox


  1. Dejligt at have Andreas hjemme igen.
    Lakrids, lækkert - hvilket mærke? og er det salt eller sød lakrids?
    Jeg er til saltlakrids, og det skal være blødt.
    Her til morgen er vi vågnet op til stille vind, og et meget lille let sne drys. Og temp. omkring de 0 grader. Solopgang 7.56 og solnedgang kl. 17.23.
    Ønsker dig en dejlig dag/uge.

    1. My favourite is the chocolate kugler med lakrids paa ( mums! He also bought me some Marabou med salklakrids :) and Laekerol! He did well ;) Have a good week xox

  2. He is a good guy ;-)
    We're second and you're fifth now :-)