Saturday, February 10, 2018


Since the boys have been sick all week, I fell behind in a lot of home and work stuff so, today, I made myself a very long to-do list. It is filled with all sorts of important stuff like 1) correct manuscript for submission to journal, 2) prepare lecture for Monday's class, 3) finish folding laundry, 4) shovel balcony in back of house because I am sick of seeing all the snow on it, 4) take dogs out for longer walk because I was in no mood to do it this morning so they got stuck with a quick pee exit, 5) vacuum, 6) banking (because I am sure that I am late for something... just haven't had the time to figure out what yet), 7) organize trip to Netherlands (yes, Ageeth, I am still coming!), 8) sit with Alexander to get homework organized for Monday, 8) vacuum again because I am sure that someone has messed the house up since the last time I did it- see item 5, 9) have more coffee because the first pot will not be enough and 10) pick up Andreas from the airport (yes, he is on his way home... just in time to clean up the latest snowfall)!

Wish me luck! This list is about as high as our snowbanks! Happy Saturday to you all xox

Random internet image... but, oh, so true!


  1. Det at komme bagud med diverse to do ting kender jeg alt for godt, desværre. Så er det dejligt med en to do liste, især hvis der kommer et ☑ udfor opgaven.

    Jeg kender forøvrigt også en Ageeth der kommer fra Holland, hun er nu bosiddende her i DK på år.

  2. I like a to-do list because it makes me feel organized... even if I don't get anything on it done ;) Ageeths from Holland are very nice ;)