Friday, February 2, 2018

Early morning inspiration?

Disclosure: This, in no way, is a criticism of the project itself. Oliver thinks it is fabulous so mission accomplished. My post is intended to make fun of how darn seriously I take it ;)

The project: as a conclusion to an ongoing animal project, bring in a sandwich that represents the student's assigned animal. The students, then, will eat lunch together.

Oliver loved his animal (river otter) and thought that the social event (ie: getting together to eat a sandwich that looks like your animal) would be the BEST THING EVER!!!! To be honest, when Oliver told me about this sandwich assignment, I thought that he had misunderstood something and asked him to clarify with his teacher. Yups... he did get it right... and, apparently, we had gone through this same project when Alexander was in this particular teacher's class. Considering that my memory is beyond sucking (see here), I had/still have absolutely no recollection of ever having made an animal sandwich before... and I am absolutely positive that Andreas didn't take this off my list of things to do 😉

Anyway, after polling some of my friends who have children in the same class as Oliver (thank you, Gabrielle, for humouring me 😉 ), I put a game plan together (ie: shopping list) and, this morning, I got up early to make the River Otter Sandwich. Let me tell you, it was NOT easy. Firstly, Oliver is the world's most picky eater (see here) so that was a challenge. No olives for eyes... bread and butter was OK, cucumbers are OK, salami is OK but only a little bit. Luckily for me, otters like fish so Goldfish crackers were usable. So, yesterday evening, after a busy day at work, after rushing home like a mad person, during a week where Andreas was enjoying beautiful Copenhagen (in case you missed this tidbit, see here), I found myself wandering around the grocery store trying to figure out what best made an otter sandwich. I dared not ask the employees of the store for fear of being locked up 😉 Anyway, I found some supplies... including chocolate... not for the otter but for me (after this, I deserve it, no?) and made my way home to think up strategies with Oliver.

Voila! See the final product below.... Does it look like an otter? To me, it looks more like a mouse or an ear-challenged cat... but, heck, it is as good as it gets 😉... and Oliver likes it, which is- ultimately- all that counts. Hope he has a good lunch!

Happy Friday to you all! xox


  1. A deep bow and a wheelbarrow full of chocolate, X

    1. Much appreciated. Sending you love and good weekend thoughts... xox