Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sick boys

I jinxed myself. Yesterday as I woke up, I told myself that the "busy" week was over. Ummm... no. Cleary not.

It started with Nicka coming down with something last Friday, which hung on through the weekend so I let him stay home on Monday. Then came the Monday early morning email from the elementary school, saying that there was a case of Scarlet Fever in Nicka's grade. Then, yesterday morning, came the call from the high school: Alexander was sick and wanted to go home. Then, yesterday afternoon, came the call from Oliver's after school daycare: Oliver was sick. I took them to the after hours clinic to get a diagnosis/medication (if needed) but, with about 5 million people in the waiting room and after 2 hours without even seeing the nurse, we left. I figured that some rest and time at home was better than hanging out there. Then, yesterday evening, came the email to my students, cancelling today's class (I could swear that I heard a woohoo in the universe!). This morning, we went to the pediatric clinic where the boys have their doctor and, after about 30 minutes, we walked out with a diagnosis of no Scarlet Fever (yeah!) but the flu (and from all the coughing in that waiting room, just like everyone else in the universe- boo!).

It is a chorus of coughing (actually, hacking) and sneezing at our house.... and I am frantically washing my hands every 2 seconds! Wish me luck! xox

Waiting for the clinic to open

Poor buddy!

Our email from the school. Everything but the rash...


  1. I feel sorry for your sons and you and I keep my fingers crossed that you don't get sick, X

    1. Thank you! I am debating going out to buy one of those mask things ;) Or a radiation suit ;) xox

  2. Et forsinket god bedring til dig og dine drenge. Håber de alle er ovenpå nu.