Wednesday, December 27, 2017

This point of the holidays

Today, I am officially at the point during the holidays where I have absolutely NO idea what day/date it is. In some ways it is nice (meaning that I am not actually required to know the date) but I am always worried that I am forgetting to be somewhere important ;) What am I thinking? Somewhere important? Probably not ;)

The W family boys slept over at our house last night and my children are in boy heaven. Imagine! Extended video game time, eating Christmas chocolates and making lots of noise... I am the sole adult in the house right now and decided to hide in the living room. If there is a mess downstairs and I don't see it, does it actually exist? ;)

Happy Wednesday December 27th! I had to look it up. You are welcome ;) xox


  1. Haha, jeg er også komplet dato forvirret :D Håber du havde en skøn jul og vil læse med på det nye domæne i det nye år ��

    - A

    1. Nice to see you... and thanks for the visit! Happy holidays to you xox

  2. Replies
    1. I never know if I like it or not... ;) Hope you are enjoying yours xox