Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Mother's Christmas

The other day, Nicka asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told him that I wanted 1) no fighting, 2) a quiet cup of coffee and 3) to not have to listen to screaming guys on Youtube for a whole evening. He looked at me funny and said that was not a good Christmas present. My son, I told him, it is all relative and, to me,  my choices would make a WONDERFUL present. Oh yeah- I would also like to add to my list: the chance to order something off Ebay or Etsy and not get an eye roll from Andreas when it arrives (please note that he does not have the same appreciation for clothes as I do). There is nothing like an @@ to take away the pleasure of opening a package ;)

A magical unicorn wouldn't be so bad either ;)

Happy day to you all! xox


  1. You don't ask too much! Wear a Santa hat every day for 5 minutes when you drink your coffee and hang one on the door of the toilet. Make your point 365 days, mothers also have a life ;-)

    1. I will happily wear the Santa hat... every day... especially when it is warm out ;) Merry Christmas to you and yours xox