Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Guess who needs glasses...

Just because the holidays are not expensive enough as it is.... Oliver now needs glasses.. and, of course, the flashy ones. The glasses that he picked are black and bright blue... and actually suit him well. It was a step in the calm direction from bright purple sport glasses, shiny sunglasses, fluorescent Harry Potter look-alikes and red cats eyes (that I kind of liked for myself) ;)

Did I also mention that we got around 15cm of snow today? I am ecstatic (not) ;)

xox to you all!

His movie star pose ;) <3


  1. Misundelse er en grim ting lærte jeg, men hvor ville jeg gerne have det 15 cm. sne. Nøjes med 1½ cm, der er ved at smelte pga. regn.
    Hvor de briller klæder ham, og så få tilnavnet Harry Potter er jo stort.

  2. He is so excited to get them! Even if they are not the Harry Potter ones ;) xox