Saturday, September 12, 2015

Teenage troubles ;)

Oliver is 5 years old. He just started kindergarten. I have to remind him not to put his finger in his nose in public (what I can't see won't hurt me ;)). He cries when he doesn't score in his soccer game. Although making strides in colouring, he can barely keep in the lines. Oliver also spends about 30 minutes each day doing his hair. Yes, I am serious. Today, he asked to use my blow drier (which he was scared of last week) and my straightener... He even asked me if his hair looked cool. I said yes. He replied "Whatever. You don't know cool hair." This is, seriously, a true conversation.

We are in serious trouble... he is 5 going on 15.... ;)

Happy Saturday! xox


  1. Great photos! Although I get good images of your text.
    He just wants to be a big guy, like his brothers and he is serious about it,very seriously :-)

    1. Funny part is that his brothers don't care at all about their hair... I make them wash it... and it is a challenge ;)

  2. Hi hi, your gonna have a blast with this one :-D

  3. I would find it funny too.... if it weren't real :P