Monday, September 7, 2015

Busy holiday

Today is Labour Day.... or Labor Day in the US ;) That means it is a day off that is put just at the beginning of the school year to remind us how much we should be missing summer ;) It is kind of like a "hahahahaha, suckers" ;)
The beginning of the school year is always a mad rush. This year, it has been worse because Oliver is starting kindergarten. This means that he has an oh-so-gradual-entry-designed-to-stress-out-working-parents. Tomorrow will be the start of the real start, meaning from now on, it is full time :) I think that it will do him good because the start/stop has been confusing for him: today, is your first day. Oh, not anymore. Now it is... He is anxious to see who else is in his class and where the paints are... sounds like trouble to me! ;)
As I said, it is a holiday and, for most people, it is a time to relax. For me, I chose to basically rip apart most of our living room and basement so that I could clean it and reorganize it. Not relaxing, by the way ;) The boys know, by now, just to stay out of my way when I get in one of those moods. Smart boys ;)
Now I am sitting and having a coffee (I feel that it is well deserved). It actually feels good to have our home a bit more organized. The summer at home always takes a toll on the neatness aspect ;)

Wishing you all a great Labour Day... or Labor Day.... or just plain old Monday ;) xox


  1. Can you just hop on a plane and sort my living room next?? I hope the kindergarten goes well, a stopstart start sounds very confusing x

  2. Hope that you two also get time to relax with a glass of vine. :-)

  3. Tidying and cleaning is so much fun (when you're done)!
    I am happy with our big house, but it also has disadvantages;-)