Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Since the summer time, Andreas and I have been taking the train in to work and, increasingly, we are finding ourselves able to take the same train! It is kind of like a date... only in the morning... and on the way to work... and with lots and lots of other people... and without food or coffee... or wine ;) Given our ability to actually go out on dates, we'll take it!

Happy Tuesday to all xox

PS: No comments about the matching stripe shirts, please. It was not done on purpose and I only noticed it after posting this picture. OK.. we are cheesy ;)


  1. Hummm, wat else som say, when I can't comment on the matching stribes :-) :-) :-)
    Glad that you feel that those train rides feels like a date, or maybe not.... you gys NEEDS to get more out. ;-) ;-)

    1. We absolutely need to get out more ;) I agree!!! xox

  2. Your post makes me laugh!
    And matching clothes is very 2016...