Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to school

Today the big boys went back to school :) Despite their protests, I can tell that they were happy to get back to their friends and routine. Oliver will be gradually integrated into kindergarten over the rest of this week. We have a meeting with his new teacher tomorrow and he is SO excited! He has been insisting that I read a book about the first day of kindergarten OVER AND OVER to him... The school supplies are purchased, labelled and organized. The boys got new shoes, new haircuts and new back to school clothes. I even started to buy snow pants already (yes, it totally hurt to do this!). Now, I think that I will have that glass of wine ;) We survived another summer and the back to school prep ;) Welcome to September!

Wishing you all a good rest of the week! xox


  1. They look happy, fresh and rested! You did a good job.
    I hope they have a good schoolyear.
    A good rest of the week for you too, X

    1. Thank you, Ageeth! Wishing your boys the very same xox

  2. Another year and all the boys looks like the rely are ready to get back to there friends :-D But after a couple of weeks, they are properly dreaming of holiday :-D