Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New haircuts!

Yesterday, the boys got new "Christmas" haircuts :) To save myself hassels, I brought them to the barber. We walked in and all 3 got their cuts at the same time.... bang, bang, bang! We were out in 20 minutes. BEST IDEA EVER!!!! When it is me doing the cutting, it is hours of stress/begging/bribing and cleaning up...  So, haircuts at Joe the Barber is MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!

Hope you are all having a good week :)

My ears just got bigger ;)

No more mop top ;)

Don't mess with the bangs! ;)


  1. Last week we had the opposite. Our hairdresser is pregnant and her father, hairdresser as well, cut the boys. He did it in three times half an hour, and I was almost sleeping. We don't want that to happen again!
    For a few years I do my husband's hair with clipp. He wants to save time and money!
    Your boys are looking great! A good week for you X

    1. I do my husband's hair as well... at least I don't have to entertain him during the cut... he just enjoys the moments of peace and quiet ;)

  2. Cute, sporty and cool - words in that order for the photos. Lovely and ready for Christmas. :-)