Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Today, Christmas was at our house so this is probably one of the first moments I have to sit down....yes, with a hard earned glass of wine and some chips- hmmmm...... classy ;) We were all spoiled by Santa (with a little help from MasterCard) and had a good day with family. The boys made us beautiful homemade gifts- from Alexander, we got a Lego copy of ourselves (seriously, it is great!). From Nicklas, we got some homebaked cookies (which I promptly ate!) and from Oliver, a big wet kiss! Hope you all had/have a very Merry Christmas... from our house to yours! xox

Andreas and me.... in Lego form :)

Getting ready for the festivities....


  1. Wauw, awesome pressents fro your children - I always loved when the have made something them self and alle the homemade pressents we have got throughout the years, at smalle tresures. :-)