Wednesday, December 3, 2014

More snow...

Ugh! Winter is back again!

The boys liked their gifts day 2 (Lego mugs, perfect for hot chocolate) and day 3 (sports bands... looking very cool). This was my first non-teaching day and, I have to say, that I felt so FREE! I am sure that my smiles were as big as the students' ;) I am not really finished because I still have lots of grading to do but it really helps not to have to prepare classes/give classes/prepare classes/give classes... (you get the idea).

It is cold, snowy and wintery looking. On that note, I am looking forward to a hot bath and, hopefully, a few moments of calm.... who am I kidding? ;) Good night to all!

New mugs for hot chocolate... yum!



  1. I wish we had some snow here, so that it would look much more like christmas. :-)
    The weather people, dont expect that we re getting any snow before Christmas. :-(

    1. I will send you some.... it seems like we will have more than enough ;)

  2. It really looks cold! Here also because our central heating is broken and the outside temperature is around freezing. So I am not happy :-(((
    I wish you peace and warmth.
    Nice gifts!

    1. Peace and warmth to you as well.... sounds like you deserve it! xox