Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 1: gift success :)

Considering that this advent calendar (ie: pakke kalendar) is new, I am always a bit worried that the boys would change their mind and decide that this was a bad idea.... Anyway, day #1 and they LOVED it. Alexander and Nicklas got mini Christmas Lego sets and Oliver got a set of matching headband and wristbands (OK... I have NO idea why he loves these things so much but he always tries to steal Alexander's). Better still, they are a BATMAN headband and wristbands. So, after opening his present, he wanted to wear them all evening long... and bedtime...... and for daycare this morning ;)

I am just hoping that this "early success" lasts... ;)

Here is our fashion king, Oliver, sporting his new headband ;) Gotta love him!!! Andreas took this picture and I think that he peed himself laughing for at least an hour.....


  1. LOL
    The more gifts the better when they are young!

  2. That photo rely brought a BIG smile on my face. :-D
    I dont think you have to worry about the gifts, as long as it is gift, they love it, at with that start I'm sure. :D